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Welcome to the Library of Aquinos, young acolyte! You'll find that with a bit of effort you can find just about everything there is to know amongst these shelves. Once you see the front desk, you're more than welcome to take a look around! Though, if you have something specific you'd like to ask, you're welcome to leave a message here for myself and the other archivists. We'll get to it eventually, Aster and Raziel permitting.


  • If you'd like to browse our texts, please be sure to register with the library before you wander off. Some of our books are rather rare, and we can't deal with a flood of strangers perusing our shelves.
  • We've opened up some older sections of the library for your perusal. The texts here are advanced and require special handling to boot. If you're able to comport yourself and find your own way around, you're welcome to explore the Historical and Religious texts we've unearthed.

Know Thyself

They say knowledge of self is the key to happiness and a long, fruitful existence. We have a few helpful books on the topic, though most of them are merely introductory.

  1. Temperature, gravity, buoyancy, a million-to-one chances working more often than they should. Some things are so basic to the world you probably already know them. Still, some may differ slightly depending on where you come from, so perhaps it's best to take a look at the rules that govern our world.
  2. It's important to never forget where you came from! Your ancestry can help define your roots, too.
  3. But never forget, in the end you define yourself - it's not what you do, or where you come from. It's who you are.

Know Thy World

There is so much to know about Gaeta, I truly don't know where to start.

  • I suppose you could begin with the provinces that make up our marvelous Empire, so you at least have some idea about the very basics.
  • Knowing the various religions of the world could also be of interest to you, if knowing the gods is up your alley.
  • We recently found an old portfolio with maps you might be interested in.
  • You may even want to brush up on the calendar we use here, in case you've forgotten some of the months.
  • There's even a small section with various translations, for foreign visitors to our fair city.
  • You may also choose to simply wander through the library without my suggestions - there are books tucked away in all sorts of places, and I wouldn't be surprised if something of interest was just sitting in plain sight.

Regardless, don't be afraid to branch out! If you see something interesting while you're reading, look into that as well! Who knows where your curiosity will lead you?

Know Thy Librarian

While registered guests are more than welcome to wander the library freely, we will assist your research or reading efforts as best as we can. Just write a note for us - no, really. We find it easier to handle written notes, since it gives us a chance to not only dig up relevant works, but also to provide this work to others as well. Thank you for helping us keep this place in order.

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